24H Spa : a great come back!
24H Spa : a great come back!

These 24H Spa have absolutely kept their

On the riders' side, 10 riders will start next weekend at 2pm on the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Xavier Simeon, SERT rider since 2020/21, is no longer to be introduced: after 10 years in Moto2, MotoGP (2019 with Avintia) and MotoE. Others have iconic names, such as Gian Mertens who will share the TRT 27 with his compatriot Gian Bianco. And we have an all-Belgian crew on the #34 JMA Racing Action Bike: Cöme Geenen, Yan Ancia and Nicky De Wit. Not to mention: Vincent Lonbois and Loris Cresson #24 BMRT 3D Maxess Nevers, Arnaud DE KIMPE joined belatedly by David Drieghe in the #56 Players team, after his MototechEWC team, another Belgian team, did finally not participate. Unfortunately, Bastien Mackels #4 Tati Team, who has proven himself in IDM, a particularly tough German championship, was injured one week before Spa 24H, on an IDM round in Oschersleben. Let's wish him an excellent recovery for a perfect comeback in IDM with Weber Motor Kawasaki Racing Team #91, picture below, and in EWC FIM! A private event is nevertheless confirmed, all informations available on Bastien's website.

From father to son

A touching exchange between Michel Simeon, father of Xavier, winner of the 24H of Liège (former name of the 24H of Spa-Francorchamps) in 1987 and 1995 on a SERT machine. He was in 1995 the last Belgian to have won the 24H of Liège, in other words, Xavier's objective, apart from aiming for the 3rd title for the SERT with his team-mates Gregg Black and Sylvain Guintoli, was to be the first Belgian to win the first edition of the 24H of Spa!  

24H Spa, a motorbike festival shared with its fans

Warm-hearted Belgians? On the evening of June 2nd, a sharing event takes place, the beginning of the "Grand' Messe" that we all expect from the 24H of Spa. The machines leave their boxes for a road trip to Malmedy, next to the circuit, for a meeting with the local public. The party is successful, this is only the beginning!  
FIM EWC 24H Spa : focus on Belgian riders & teams !
FIM EWC 24H Spa : focus on Belgian riders & teams !

Is motorbike endurance a French discipli

Motorcycle endurance: EWC, SST, Experimentals, what’s this?
Motorcycle endurance: EWC, SST, Experimentals, what’s this?

Do you follow "long distance" races, jus


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🇨🇵️️ En vol, le ciel bleu est toujours assuré après les nuages, idem la vie 😊

🇬🇧 Flying offers always blue sky after the clouds, the same with life 😊

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Même sans Motovirade Cernay 68, il est possible de faire votre don… merci pour eux !
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