CLS Evo Automatic chain greaser and CLS Heat hotgrips: customer’s AND rallyman’s testimonial!

Pedro Crescencio is an original customer of Nova Moto. He is also a regular competitor since 2014 in CFRR, French Road Rally Championship. In these moments, the accessories adopted on a daily basis remain on his bike … his everyday Ninja 400 Kawasaki!

Here Pedro gives us a look back at several years of use of the CLS Touring Kit, consisting of the CLS Evo chain lubricator and the CLS Heat heated grips, both very “smart”, easy controlled by finger and eye check on the handlebar.

With the CLS Evo chain lubricator, the lubrication of your chain will always be optimal. And CLS Heat gives you perfect temperature control, never too hot or too cold, perfect in the off-season, which means for 2/3 North, 10 months out of 12.


I use my bike for home-work trips, rides, track days and road rallies. It runs all the time under all conditions. At the current rate, it will be 15000 km per year.

The first picture shows chain kit with 11000km, CLS installed since the first laps. On the second one you can see the small box to control the oil quantity, on the left side fairing, and the heated grips.

I installed the oil tank behind the registration plate (hidden on the picture by the left rear turn signal). The contents of the tank held about 8000 km. On dry conditions the level is set to “2”, in rainy conditions to “4”.

If for some people owning a motorcycle means greasing the chain and checking the tire pressure every week, that’s their choice. For me, greasing I don’t think about it any more and tyre pressure I do it when I think about it…

Additional information : Gironac

Pedro associated with Laurence Giraudon 3 years ago, to create Gironac, and propose 2 innovative concepts:


Text: Pedro Crescencio -thanks a lot for your trust in Nova Moto and for this testimonial Pedro- &  Isabelle Maillet
Pictures: Pedro Crescencio

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