CLS Evo Plus, the more than perfect chain lubrication

CLS Evo is the unique chain lubricator for performance and safety, distributed since 2017 by Nova Moto. In 2020, CLS Evo Plus will offer you even more technology for even more convenience. A quick reminder: CLS Evo automatic chain lube system I wrote a lot of papers on about it, chain lubrication being one of…

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Automatic chain greaser CLS Evo on Honda Africa Twin

You recently read on Nova Moto the first lines of Maxime’s project in early 2020: the Intercontinental Rally, and the partnership born between Maxime and Nova Moto around this project. Maxime shares here with you the assembly of the oiler on his bike, the Africa Twin meant for the rallye. Nova Moto tries to offer…

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Chain lube system CLS Evo on Kawasaki Versys

Perhaps you discovered Maxime Mettra’s job recently on Nova Moto le Mag, in the presentation of his Intercontinental Rally project. Pictures of the assembly on the Kawasaki Versys As part of his job as manager of a convoy guidance company, 3M Guidage, a few years ago he had acquired the Carbonforbikes dry graphite greaser. When…

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Customers’ feedback on CLS EVO automatic chain greaser

This article is complementary to the customer testimonials published -with systematic agreement- in the Contact section and appearing on the red lower footer of Nova Moto Le Mag. Here you will find a real experience feedback, and pictures of Nova Moto customers who have equipped their motorcycle with the new CLS EVO intelligent chain lubricator,…

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