Nova Moto’s favourite motorcycle accomodations

It’s been a long time since the idea of sharing with Nova Moto Le Mag readers my beautiful motorcycle accomodation addresses has been on my mind… For a long time held back by the aim to remain focused on motorcycle innovation, which is the object of Nova Moto, I take the step today, after 6…

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France 42 – Forez area, let’s sleep in a horse farm!

An exceptional site in France, between the Lyonnais and the Massif Central, perfect for a green break between 2 days of roadtrip. A calm all the more unique as the site is very busy: on some 50 hectares, a hundred horses discreetly occupy the grounds. Breeding horses, but also ponies and competition horses, some of…

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France-84 Bedouin Ventoux, the nature stop

Make a stopover by motorbike just a stone’s throw from the Mont Ventoux, the magnificent place! And take the opportunity to take a day’s break on a hike, bike or horseback to get as close as possible to this always wild nature. If you travel with a group, the house can easily accommodate up to…

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France-12 Aveyron Rodez greedy motorcycle accommodation!

The key criteria for the accommodations selected by Nova Moto are generally comfort, the beauty of the place and above all the safety for the motorcycle. Breakfast is a must. But then, when it is as exceptional as here, the address becomes unforgettable! I confirm that the next time you come to Dourdou, you will…

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