March 2020: take care of yourself!

March 20th, it’s springtime…

And as long as the sunrays tempt us to do our « shopping or basic necessities » on 2 wheels, let’s resist if this is not our only mode of transportation.

The least we can do is out of respect for the medical staff and the emergency services that are hard at work to take care of us. This is not meant to be moralizing, I had the same idea just before the national confinement… to change my mind very quickly.

As you may have read earlier this year, Nova Moto is changing course. Today, Nova Moto le Shop is still active, because there are still products in stock, and good deals to be made. Not right away however: in the context of uncertain deliveries, Nova Moto le Shop is only visible in catalogue version (without possibility to order), this in order not to promise you leadtimes without being able to keep them.

Take good care of you and of your family …and of your motorcycles!

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have an easily accessible, bright garage, a yard or a garden to work in. This is also the time to think about our upcoming trips, even the short rides, and to anticipate, so that we don’t lose a moment when we will be able to ride. Or simply to catch up on the readings, videos left aside for weeks and more, due to lack of time. By the mind, we’re already a little bit there!

Let’s meet/read soon, free and in great shape, the recovery will be all the more tasty. A little gift: one of my favourite Alsace roads!

Text and photo: Isabelle Maillet

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