Chain lube system CLS Evo on Kawasaki Versys

Perhaps you discovered Maxime Mettra’s job recently on Nova Moto le Mag, in the presentation of his Intercontinental Rally project.

Pictures of the assembly on the Kawasaki Versys

As part of his job as manager of a convoy guidance company, 3M Guidage, a few years ago he had acquired the Carbonforbikes dry graphite greaser. When the production of this device was stopped, he chose to trust Nova Moto a second time, and to equiped his professional bike with CLS Evo, the lubricator offering a double safety as regards oil (electronics + pump).


There are many reasons to install an automatic lubricator:


Comfort / time-saving: automatic chain maintenance, easy cleaning

Durability of the chain kit

Hidden: the greaser is completely invisible when properly installed.

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How do you purchase the CLS range? From 2021, directly on CLS’ Website:
Text: Isabelle Maillet Pictures: Maxime Mettra Illustrations CLS Evo

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