The ACC adapted to the bike: BMW did it!

ACC, alias Active Cruise Control, is a feature that is becoming more and more common in cars. BMW is introducing it in the range of safety features for motorcycles.

Even though there are as many approaches to the road on a motorcycle as there are motorcyclists, riding in ” little train mode” is not to everyone’s taste. However, when traffic becomes heavier or when a sudden slowdown occurs on a rather monotonous route, this option is very practical and can really prevent from dangerous situations.

Cruise control has been available for a few years now on touring bikes. Or there is a clever solution, made in the USA, Go Cruise, distributed for several years by Nova Moto: a speed control accessory designed to provide comfort and prevent unintended speeding.

The adaptive solution, that is to say, it adapts to the speed of the vehicle in front of you if it is slower than you, and then, once the vehicle is overtaken, or if it accelerates again, your motorbike stabilizes again at its initial speed.

How does it work?

A distance radar enables your bike to detect the vehicle in front of you, and to create a safe distance by slowing down gradually. The safety distance is determined beforehand between a choice of 3 possible distances. Communication is therefore established with the regulator and with the braking system.

There’s no doubt that this is a real plus in terms of safety, even if you can already imagine the comments about its benefits on a motorcycle.

For the moment, technical details, price, standard or optional equipment for BMW, equipped vehicles (K1600?) have not yet been disclosed by BMW.


Text: Isabelle Maillet
Pictures: BMW Motorrad


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