Road safety: keep the right reflexes

Getting back on the wheels, after more than 50 days of confinement due to the Covid-19 we are going through, is a happy perspective for enthusiasts. Moreover, the two-wheeler appears to be the most suitable means of transport to peek out in the current context.

This moment is not without risk, and the learning of new behaviours that we have just carried out, under duress, will necessarily be useful, also in our attitude while driving.

Caution & respect

Respect of safety distances,

Respect for others…

This advice, repeated many times by road safery organization, sometimes perceived as boring, sounds inevitably different today. 

Few people are totally spared from the Covid-19, both near and far. We all know what the consequences of not following these measures can be. And we have to stand them now.

So, what about the road then?

Before we even talk about protecting the pilot, let’s talk about behaviour to avoid putting ourselves and others in danger.

This has often been repeated on Nova Moto, especially when talking about the Smart Turn System, the device that switches the blinker off for you. Forgetting a turn signal can put us in danger other than a wide open throttle.

The new civic attitudes, recently integrated by most of us, are in the end only behaviors already known, many times recommended, and for many drivers, applied. But as we quickly forget, let’s try to remember them by getting back on the saddle after this long break!


French Road Safety’s slogan: Living, together


The originality of French Road Safety approach is also to involve emblematic experts such as Jean Todt, Philippe Monneret, Arnaud Démare (double French road bike champion), for simple and concrete experience sharing, each in his own discipline. You can find them on the Road Safety website.


Let’s wish all of us a good, gradual adjustment to the road traffic, let’s be attentive and kind to each other – we all make mistakes.

And …let’s stay focused

In this regard, one remark: does the long time we have just lived not call into question the urgency of certain calls made while driving? Voluntarily, on purpose, I decide not to speak about sms, totally out of subject when driving.

On the other hand, as nature has recovered some rights, let us also be vigilant when we cross our beautiful countryside. And, having already experienced it, here too, the safety distances between vehicles can really help us to manage critical situations…

I wish you all very nice and safe trips!


Text: Isabelle Maillet
Pictures/videos: Sécurité Routière


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