Keep cool on motorcycle on the road to Esfahan with Hyperkewl

Marie-Claire and René H., are not on their first big trip. Regulars of the Eurotour since its beginning until 2012, biking around Europe and more is an obvious choice for this couple in Pan’ met on the Eurotour Moscow edition – what nice memories ;)- who always have a trip ahead under their respective helmets.
A few days before their departure, an “emergency”: find a solution to make the road to Esfahan bearable in this month of July! Mission completed.

Here’s the first smiling feedback from them. Let’s go, time for a little “Flammekueche”, and we’ll know more!

6,000 km in the middle of July to Esfahan: thank you to Hyperkewl vests!

“Thank you to Isabelle for recommending Hyperkewl Aerochill cooling vests for our motorcycle trip to Iran. The delivery was very fast and moreover, they exist for men and women and in color! Despite high temperatures with regular peaks of up to 40 – 43°C, we didn’t suffer from the heat, they are very easy to use, you just have to dip them in water”.


Même 6000 km à moto en juillet vers l'Iran deviennent supportables avec les gilets Hyperkewl !

Even 6000 km on a motorbike in July to Iran become bearable with Hyperkewl vests!

Text: Isabelle Maillet et Marie-Claire H. (many thanks my friend)
Pictures: Marie-Claire et René H.

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