Mag’Motardes is now LTB Pilotage Moto

Mag’Motardes and Nova Moto, it’s a story that started in 2012, from a simple message of congratulations that I had sent to Lydia, following a post informing about the creation of Mag’Motardes.

Since then, a nice synergy around a road / track partnership has been established with Lydia, a rider not as  » Chocolatey  » as she modestly describes herself.

Today, Lydia is working to get back to her best riding level and to transform her Mag’Motardes webzine into an activity 100% dedicated to coaching on racetracks for anyone who wants to learn motorcycle riding: Lydia Truglio Beaumont LBT Pilotage Moto.

After years of busy work between the writing of Mag’Motardes, always putting female riders forward, the initial object of the webzine, the writing for other magazines, personal riding, coaching, rallying – she has some Moto Tour to her credit, including the Trophée Roses des Sables, and the Africa Eco Race which turned into a drama a little more than 2 years ago, or should we say just 2 years ago? Because Lydia comes from a long way back, as she revealed it to us in her book published in 2019.


2018-2019 Convalescence and first turns of the wheel back on the bike

2018- 2019: once she wakes up from her coma, her strength gradually returning, Lydia manages a very busy agenda – neither journalistic, nor sporting, nor medical this time – dedicated to a single action: to be reborn, to become autonomous again. This force of return multiplies the energies of each member of the nursing staff. Everyone understands that, in Lydia’s case, the motorcycle is the key to getting back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible. Even if it is particularly difficult: in addition to the physical, it is amnesia and a momentary total loss of sight that must be managed and healed. Once back on the right track after multiple surgeries, the team friendly calls her « Miss Miraculous », that is to say. It was also a chance to have met such persevering people, in a place and a time where all the conditions for a perfect follow-up were met.

In the middle of 2019, she begins to offer herself some road trips in the beautiful surroundings of Nice, which is a bit like her garden! Luckily, the bike came back to her immediately. However, Lydia has to relearn how to read a roadbook, how to orientate herself. Still a very big job to do since her memory is lacking.

Lydia is a polyvalent pilot, track or road, one doesn’t go without the other.
NB: Lydia wears the Motoairbag V2.0C vest offered by Nova Moto, thanks for your trust!

Re-learn orienteering… with a perspective of going back to the rally, of course!

And from autumn 2019, without selling the bearskin, Lydia starts to be on a very promising path, making her return to the Italian tracks she loves. It was an opportunity for me to schedule this appointment, which has been postponed again and again, and, oh so much regretted 2 years ago, to live my first training session on the circuit as closely as possible, with Lydia’s coaching as the cherry on the cake!


The recovery is confirmed for Lydia in 2020

February 2020 is the opportunity to link two Spanish circuits in quick succession: Cartagena and Almería.

A discovery also of her motorcycle, CBR1000RRR, which he had just acquired shortly before, called Mission – a true program. She discovers it reassembled, raw, without any customization in terms of settings, morphology, nor to her riding style on arrival in Cartagena.

And despite this, Lydia finished at the foot of the podium (4th) in the Ladies Cup. Later, in the mixed race, Lydia finished 3rd overall in her group and 13th overall in Endurance category.

Lydia has the courage to come alone with her bike and her equipment, and to manage the preparation, administration, technical controls, tests, races, maintenance, etc… Everything that is already out of reach for most of us, is simply extra-ordinary from someone in her health situation! And let’s not talk about the psychological. Between two runs, the unavoidable technical interventions necessarily limit the time available for exchange with others, so precious in these moments.
Fortunately, from time to time, her route crosses those of beautiful people, like her Italian friends, who had already proved to be precious partners in Misano last August…

It is besides on their invitation that the appointment of Almería could take place. And as a trip was not enough for Miss RR, she found a way to start a race, qualifying 13th. To finish in 8th place on a field of experienced drivers from different teams, rather challenging.

A new story is now being written: LTB

In 2020, Mag’Motardes becomes :

Logo made by Lydia readapted to its activity 2020


A nice way to turn the page, to focus only on one thing: the training of kids and adults in motorcycle riding. Lydia works both on track and off-road tracks.
2020 is a deeply troubled year, with Covid-19, which makes it impossible for Lydia, as for all the organizers of riding sessions, to transmit a training plan confirmed to date. Nova Moto will have the pleasure to tell you more as soon as LBT will have more visibility.

Text: Isabelle Maillet
Pictures: Lydia Truglio Beaumont – Mag’Motardes et FE Fotoeventi

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