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Engels slechts het droevig voor het ongemak

Over the last year, Motorbike Europe has become a supplier of culture, experiences, destinations and inspiration to 10,000,000 travel-hungry Europeans, who like to travel by motorcycle. Motorbike Europe reaches far out into the digital universe with inspiration and information, because motorcyclists are an active species, also on the Internet, and because the experiences and friendships really mean something to us.


Motorbike Europe has lots of friends and « followers, » also outside Europe. From the USA, to Canada, Russia, South America, China, Asia and Australia, Motorbike Europe has made friends across the globe.

In a short space of time, Motorbike Europe has manifested itself as a brand in the worldwide motorcycle industry, because there has been a need for us as a facilitator. Motorbike Europeís web and social media platforms now have over 100,000+ visitors per month, and the network is being used extensively by motorcyclists everywhere, for inspiration. When Motorbike Europe sends new articles out over our social media landscape, we reach more than 1,000,000 motorcyclists that love to travel and explore.

There are over 33 million motorcyclists in Europe, of which, approximately 10 million are active motorcycle tourists, travelling throughout the various countries in Europe, and beyond. Motorcyclists are very active throughout the online social media landscape, both because they have a lot of experiences to share with others, and because there are many things to plan before a motorcycle ride. Motorcyclists are an attractive target audience, as many motorcyclists also travel by car, train or aeroplane, when the motorcycle is stored in the garage at home.

Motorbike Europe is aimed at people who enjoy life on a motorcycle, and is structured so that motorcyclists can easily find what is worth riding to, whether they use their iPad, Smartphone or laptop – at home, or on a motorcycle trip.

Motorbike Europe is not an MC-club and is not tied to a specific brand. At Motorbike Europe, all brands and types of motorcycles are welcome, because the experiences, exchanges and friendships are what it is all about.

It is great for us at Motorbike Europe to be able to share the knowledge and friendships between people.



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