France-12 Aveyron Rodez greedy motorcycle accommodation!

The key criteria for the accommodations selected by Nova Moto are generally comfort, the beauty of the place and above all the safety for the motorcycle. Breakfast is a must. But then, when it is as exceptional as here, the address becomes unforgettable!

I confirm that the next time you come to Dourdou, you will pass by there, and the detour will be a pleasure! And if you are looking for accommodation in the Aveyron, this is for you!

Historical site

Located in an exceptional park of 2 ha, La Demeure du Comte is a first class Bed and Breakfast, a true historical house, built in the 15th century by the Count of Barberac de Saint Maurice, given to the clergy and occupied by Benedictine nuns until 1985.

Bought by Jean and Claudette Torrubiano, passionate about history – and renovation too 😉 – this perfectly preserved place is a wonderful stopover for any trip in Aveyron. We are 2 km from Marcillac, and 30 km from Rodez, also 30 minutes from Figeac. If your journey continues from Aveyron to the Lot or the Périgord, this will be the perfect stopover!

Dream breakfast

On the other hand, what you will inevitably remember is the breakfast perfectly orchestrated by Claudette, who gets up at dawn for you.

In fact, you’d better have eaten light the night before to get the most out of it. Local products, homemade cakes that very morning and jams, each one more original than the next, such as the unforgettable green tomato and ginger jam!

And a sample of tomato/ginger jam for the road. A thousand thanks Claudette!

So, very nice greedy stage to all of you!

Thanks for reading general informations about  Nova Moto’s favourite addresses.

Accomodation contact: La demeure du Comte, Rue du Père Colombier, Cougousse, 12330 Salles-la-Source,

Text and pictures: Isabelle Maillet

Brief presentation of Nova Moto

Nova Moto – Motorcycle Innovations and Services for motorbikes and bikers

2011: Founding of Nova Moto, a web company based in Barr, Alsace (France). Its aim is to seek innovative products with high added value for the safety, comfort and aesthetics of motorbikes and riders. For 9 years, after testing (fitting and generally long term road test), and validation by Nova Moto, these innovations were distributed on the dedicated online shop.
2020: 9 years later, Nova Moto innovates once again and puts its know-how, its global market vision, the fruit of a constant product monitoring approach, at the service of all motorcyclists. While continuing the product tracking and tests which are detailed on Nova Moto, which is also a magazine dedicated to motorcycle innovations.
So, Nova Moto creates the first service of Personal Shopper for Bikers, in addition to the BtoB Pro services, services dedicated to professionals.

Are you curious? Do you want to know what this service can do for you, and how it works? Just get in touch: or +33648819557 I am looking forward to welcoming you soon, to explain all the advantages of this advice for you,until thinking together about your future project. Very nice rides to you!
Isabelle Maillet

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