Ducati: the new Multistrada V4 is equipped with the new adaptive cruise control and rear radar

Ducati is a master in pre-launch teasings. The same communication is used for the Multistrada V4 2021. And it’s justified! Beyond the machine that promises to  » dominate all roads  » – almost a pleonasm – this new version is equipped with a totally unique innovation on ever more motorbike safety.

1. An ACC, adaptive cruise control

This small box (70 x 60 x 28 mm, less than 200 grams) which for the very first time equips a motorbike, will be active from 30 to 160 km/h. And will ensure a safe distance to the front of the vehicle according to the rider’s choice. This device is already common in cars, and BMW Motorrad has recently announced its arrival on its GT range.




2. Rear radar for your rear and side safety

The difference here is that another sensor will be located at the rear of the Multi, between the tail light and the wheel flap. And this is where the innovation lies: this rear radar is designed to detect vehicles :

  • driving in the motorbike’s blind spot
  • arriving at an inappropriate speed from the rear with a high risk of shock.



The only accessory to my knowledge designed to protect the vehicle from the rear is the SBM Smart Brake Module, a high-visibility brake light, developed by the manufacturer of the STS, Smart Turn System, the automatic turn indicator switch, tested and distributed between 2016 and 2020 by Nova Moto.


3. More promises?

The V4 is already presented as lighter, more flexible, more powerful (170 hp, 12 more than the V2), not to mention the increase in maintenance intervals.
From now on, nothing will stop you! And you can already plan ahead thanks to the Instagram #ducatimultistradav4 account specifically created for the launch… enough to wait until the official launch on November 4, 2020!



Texte : Isabelle Maillet

Photos : Ducati

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