France 42 – Forez area, let’s sleep in a horse farm!

An exceptional site in France, between the Lyonnais and the Massif Central, perfect for a green break between 2 days of roadtrip. A calm all the more unique as the site is very busy: on some 50 hectares, a hundred horses discreetly occupy the grounds. Breeding horses, but also ponies and competition horses, some of them in pension, most of them owned by the estate and worked by the lady owners of the place: Béatrice Drigeard and her daughter.

An outstanding site

The finish line puts you in the right atmosphere: the last 2 kilometres are done on a very narrow road, but always asphalt and without any real traps … in daylight. Once on the spot, the bike is parked, it’s disconnection ensured, and the choice is yours: appetizer (*always with moderation!) or swimming pool. Or both! The cherry on the cake is obviously the constant presence of the horses at 360°, here through the bathroom window, or just a few steps from your room.

This place is held by a master’s hand, the smell of the stalls is ultra discreet, I would even say non-existent before entering. It should be noted that Madame Drigeard’s breeding farm, the Elevage de la La Mure, is also a reproductive and insemination centre. This perhaps explains that.

Your motocycle is fully safe

A wide car-port protects the vehicles and, what’s important, the limited number of customers arriving to the site and the dead-end configuration naturally limits the traffic and the risk of theft. This is a key criteria for Nova Moto: a safe motorbike to sleep on both ears.

Thanks to checkout the informations about Nova Moto’s favourite accommodation addresses.

Contact: Elevage de la Mure 42170 St Just St Rambert

Text and pictures : Isabelle Maillet

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