Nova Moto, your Personal Shopper for biker’s gear or motorcycle accessories

Are you a shopping addict? Or are you rather dodge shopping?
In both cases, Nova Moto innovates once again, for you, by launching the first Biker Personal Shopper service!So, shopping addict?

Shopping is a pleasure for you, are you nevertheless afraid of making a mistake in your decision? Or do you want to change your look – after a change of bike for example – and need or want some advice …with a fresh eye?

Whether it is for you or your motorcycle, Nova Moto’s objective advice will be usefull, especially if the value of your targeted equipment is high.

Or rather dodge shopping ?

Just the thought of going to the store or to start an online search seems to you like a real chore, a waste of time? Or you simply feel lost in front of the huge offer proposed?

Nova Moto will be able to take over this task for you, freeing up your time for you, and advising you efficiently and objectively. And you, you will only have the pleasure to finalize your purchase and to enjoy it: a ride with your new gear, or a “garage party” without the constraint of research, nice program, right??

Your needs are specific, due to a travel project, your morphology? Simply because you want to make your bike more convenient, comfortable?

Here again, Nova Moto is there for you!

Nice to talk about your project :
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A unique and original concept

Once again, Nova Moto acts as a pioneer in its offer. Personal Shopping, image consulting, purchase assistance, generally used on the luxury market, then as a differentiation and loyalty building tool targeted to VIP customers by department stores, gets today more and more common.

On motorcycle market, at the beginning of 2020, this approach doen’t exist at all. Of course, the advice offered by the sales staff in store is always precious in purchase step. However, this advice can be very unequal, because of the geographical dispersion of the points of sales, but also because it is necessarily influenced by:

  • the store promotions when you visit a point of sales,
  • the product knowledge of the seller you meet,
  • his availability and / or his motivation to come to the customer,
  • current, commercial actions / sales incentives, the DNA of the business.

Not to mention that, from a strategic point of view, this service will definitely make it easier for distributors’ sales teams to move up the range. Indeed, even if the advisory approach is to find the “right” product for the customer, i.e. the one that meets his needs in every respect, the equipment proposal will always include a clearly explained move upmarket. This is a real time-saver and provides concrete support for the sales teams.

A precise, qualitative, totally objective and independent advice

The added value of Nova Moto is :

  • A general vision of the market, through the constant monitoring work by a passionate and wise motorcyclist who has already been confronted with difficulties in finding own solutions.
  • A tailor-made selection of products for the customer to meet his specific needs.
  • A thorough knowledge of certain concepts mastered by Nova Moto (chain lubrication, motorcycle airbag, comfort).
  • And above all: advice to the customer in total independence and objectivity.

How ?

By charging for this service, Nova Moto does not tie itself to any brand or equipment manufacturer.

Compatibility with remaining a partner on 3 technical products previously distributed by Nova Moto?

Yes, in so far as:

1. These 3 concepts represent only a small part of the product range on which Nova Moto’s advice as a Personal Shopper is based.

2. The fully transparent communication on this point removes any ambiguity.

3. Specifically for these products, a thorough knowledge of the market and of the existing offer enables- as is already the case when Nova Moto answers to first product inquiries – to propose precise information about the products on the market, and to propose the most suitable one. Nova Moto has never hesitated to advise a product of a peer if it seemed more adapted for the customer.

Moreover, taking into account the technical specificity of these products, there is no direct competition on these products, the question does not arise.


Who is Nova Moto’s Personal Shopper Service, rider’s equipment or motorcycle accessories, aimed at?

Nova Moto can help you in the following situations:

  • First equipment or re-equipment after a motorcycle break
  • Change of motorcycle, style
  • Morphology (we all have our weaknesses)
  • Wish to sort out, and therefore need to complete the motorcycle outfit.
  • Need for clarity in safety standards
  • Looking for an uninterested, objective look: your friends, families, all have an opinion about you, and are not always open to change…
  • As a bonus, we will be able to build together your future wishlist -list of your wishes- coherent, adapted, to help your loved ones for your future gifts.
  • Last but not least, Nova Moto will make you aware of recycling: now that you have the perfect gentlemen rider look, your old vintage Nankai racing suit will for sure make someone happy, of course only if there doen’t remain any deep emotional attachment!
  • Reminder: non-binding advice, because the advice is purchased.

What’s the processs of the Biker Personal Shopping advice for rider’s gear or motorcycle accessories?
(Please click on the “+” to discover each step of our personal shopping process)

Your first telephone exchange with Nova Moto (For details, please click on +)
Our first contact, by phone or after a request by e-mail.
Objectives :
1. Global understanding of your request,
2. Information about the support process
3. Schedule a Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger or Face Time appointment.
Analysis of the needs, first working appointment, in face to face
Why visual? Face to face enables a better understanding and saves time in making contact and defining needs, and therefore money! Content of the appointment:
1. Personal discovery -morphology, type of motorcycle, riding… we will save time if you have already prepared your measurements, or information such as dimensions, technical details for an accessory to be fixed on the motorcycle…
2. Definition of needs – products, motivations, budget, deadline.
Production - Preparation done by Nova Moto after the first meeting
Nova Moto’s action:
1. Understanding of the need, search of products to meet that need within the lead time agreed with you. In order to carry out the necessary research for tailor-made solutions, the lead time will be a minimum of 5 working days.
2. You don’t have to care about anything: no travel, no time waste in online search
Restitution - Second meeting, digital or direct in point of sales (area Alsace / Baden Württemberg)
How is that second meeting together going to go? For customers in Alsace, Nova Moto can travel (time and travelling expenses in addition). Everywhere else, the appointment takes place like the first one, digital, with presentation of the selected products by screen sharing.
Price of Nova Moto's Personal Shopping service for biker's gear or motorcycle accessories
IMPORTANT: Non-binding advice. Package of 2 hours of accompaniment: 120 € TTC. Specific offer if the project requires it.
Payment by bank transfer or Paypal before the first diagnostic appointment.
Additional hour: 50 € TTC.
Travel costs if direct appointment (Alsace / Baden Württemberg area) in addition

Ready to be assited by Nova Moto ? It's very easy!
Contact form, or,
✆  Facebook Messenger, or +33648819557 Looking forward to hearing from you, I’m very happy to help you! Isabelle Maillet

Text: Isabelle Maillet
Shots: Isabelle Maillet et purchased royalty-free pictures.

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