MOTOAIRBAG®, airbag motorcycle system

The product

MOTOAIRBAG® is an airbag system includes in a motorcyclist’s waistcoat which activates in case of a fall and it protects the spine of the motorcyclist.

The vest it’s designed to be worn above the usual motorcyclists jackets, adapting itself perfectly also to the technical garment, thanks to a conformation that makes it an extremely flexible and adaptable product. MOTOAIRBAG® it was thought to be also light and comfortable.
Besides, the zone of protection is more extended compared to a classic rigid protector. MOTOAIRBAG® covers indeed the whole spine, from the nape to the coccyx.

MOTOAIRBAG® is activated by a special cable which is cliped on a ring of a special belt fixed to the saddle of the motorbike (in each motoairbag box there is the belt with ring and istruction manual). As the biker is about to be unsaddled, the activating cable automatically activates strong, MOTOAIRBAG® will work in every weather condition, without need of special maintenance.

During the journey, the motorcyclist is free to move without limitation and does not ever remain tied to the motorcycle. Also when is inflatede, it is possible to move freely, for example rising again for leave dangerous situations.

If the biker dismounts without unhooking the activation wire will not activate immediately, it’s necessary to reach a certain activation force. It means that if the motorcyclist forgetsto unhook the activation wire before dismounting the motorcycle, he feels an elastic recall which alerts the motorcyclist that he has not yet unhooked the activation wire.(at any rate the system in accidental case of activation is rechargeable). With the use the motorciclist develops a psychological automatism such as fasten belts in the car: when you sit in the car you fast your seat belt, when you get up you un-fast the seat belt.

Motoairbag® in video

Product Certifications

MOTOAIRBAG® is Certified in according with the new European standard regarding airbag for motorcyclist: prEN1621/4:2011 (“Motorcyclists’ Protective Clothing Against Mechanical Impact – Part 4: Motorcyclists’ Inflatable Protectors”)
Several tests are to be performed, included impact test. method is the same ad test impact for shoulder/elbow protector and rigid back protector, but requiements are higher than before as shown in following table


Requirements for rigid back protector

Requirements for airbag protector






4,5 kN



2,5 kN


Only to confirm airbag systems have impact attenuation higher than rigid ones.

MOTOAIRBAG® a révélé selon le rapport de test une force résiduelle de 1,4kN, plaçant le produit largement en conformité avec le Niveau 2.

picto 1621_4

Reference survey

Accidents with motorcycle is completely different and complex when compared to the cars. There are not two accidents that starting from the same situations develop in same way. Nevertheless from the statistics it emerges that 90% of the accidents involves the motorcycle frontally (120° radius) the majority of the percentage of the accidents (and of the injured) happens in urban zones with speed slower than 60 km/h.
A motorcycle accident happens substantially in two phases:
In the first phase, happens the loss of control of the motorcycle consequently to an impact or to a slid and the motorcyclist is jerked away from the vehicle.
In the second phase the motorcyclist falls and hits aganist the typical obstacles of the road, as lamppost, kerbstones, other cars, etc.



Extreme inflation speed, security high capacity, reliability of the recognition system, ease to use, charge process foolproof, total weight content, comfort and compliance certification requirements. These are the main criteria that guided the design of all MOTOAIRBAG®

Every planned detail has been designed, built and tested immediately. MOTOAIRBAG® is the result of research and experimentation and, to date, in addition to having passed all the tests have already been able to prove its effectiveness in several real incidents against which has been already carried out a monitoring activity on the field order to obtain more useful criteria to improve the product and its performance.

Airbag system

The high inflation speed of MOTOAIRBAG® makes it one of the fastest airbag system. The point is the “cold explosion” patented by D.P.I. Safety. With this technology MOTOAIRBAG® inflates in 80-85 millisecond The determination of the righ shape of the protective bag comes form an intense activity of planning, prototyping and tests. Nowadays the airbag system mounted in MOTOAIRBAG® pass Level 2 requirement of motorcyclist’ Airbag European Standard EN1621/4 “Inflatable Protector” (please read certification section).

Mechanical activation

Even if the electronic triggering system appears to be more handy than other, MOTOAIRBAG® preferred to use a mechanical triggering system because it is extremely reliable and use frendly. For the mechanical triggering system is simple to manage the opening command of the airbag system.
It consists in an activation cable which is linked to the motorcycle; when the motorcyclist for a whatever reason is going too far from the motorcycle, the activation cable comes out from MOTOAIRBAG® and triggs the airbag system. the activation cable remains on the motorbike.

The length of the activation cable is desinged to let MOTOAIRBAG® operate as during an impact as during a slid (see crash test) allowing however the normal motion on the motorcycle.

The feature of the activation cable MOTOAIRBAG® has been subject of an in-depth study. As a conclusion it was chosen to realize an activation cable with two releasable loads depending on the situation:

  • The static load is what remembers to the absent-minded motorcyclist that the activation cable hasn’t been unfasten yet.
  • The dynamic load, most important, it is necessary to triger the airbag system in case an accident.


It has a lower dynamic load as to leave always the motorcyclist free to leave the motorcycle without being obstructed or tied.
As for the project it was a hard work obtain short times of activation, and to contain the weight of the airbag system to favour the comfort (bigger is the zone to protect bigger will be the weight of the device).

So for the moment MOTOAIRBAG® privileges, the protection of the back (neck, back, coccyx) because from the analysis of the motorcycle accidents statistics emerges that when the back is injured produces serious damage often irreversible.

Nowadays MOTOAIRBAG® weights less than 1400 grams
To protect zones of the body without respecting short inflating times is equivalent to protect nothing. The solution of to realize a waistcoat was adopted to maximize the confort of utilization. The waistcoat is designed to be worn like the last garment. MOTOAIRBAG®is very light and confutable.

A series of sideways regulations helps the vest adapts perfectly to any body shapes and independently from the season and from the thickness of the other layers. It’s therefore possible to continue use the same garment that motorcyclist would already have.
For a greater comfort in the warmest months the MOTOAIRBAG® is besides provided of an accessory which is a special 3D mesh spacer that favors further the air circulation. The test carried out in the African raids showed its effectiveness.

Cold explosion

All of the airbag devices, to be effective, should open in very short times it means, before the motorcyclist, after being hurled from the motorcycle, would clash against an obstacle.
The airbag device of MOTOAIRBAG® it is inflated in only 80 milliseconds.

The mechanism that provides to inflate is based on a gas generator entirely mechanic with pure cold expansion which does not employ any explosive component but a CO2 cylinder. Once activated MOTOAIRBAG® remains in the protective state for about a minute, after that it deflates gradually.


MOTOAIRBAG®, if activated without impact, can be regenerated with using a recharging kit (which is NOT INCLUDED in the basic package).
The recharge operation was desing to be mistake free, thanks to a series of trickiness. The procedure can be done correctly or not at all. It is not possible that the system is wrong recharged without showing it clearly.

ATTENTION: If impact occurred with the suspect of a damage to the functional part MOTOAIRBAG® shall be reviewed. Contact +33 3 67 101 595 or write to Isabelle Maillet.



It is designed to be light and wearable on top of the normal motorcyclist apparel of any fabric they would be made of.

The article is realized with resistant material and presents sideways elastic inserts that, united to the appropriate straps of regulation, allows an optimal wearability in all the seasons and for all body shapes.
When needed, the airbag system can be completely extracted from the vest to be reviewed, replaced or simply to allow the washing of the vest.

Please note that: chest and waist measurements are without clothing. MAB is already designed to be worn over jackets enlarging (see “adjustability”) – avoid choosing larger sizes.


Tailles Motoairbag S (46) M (48-50) L (52-54) XL (56-58) XXL(60-62) XXXL (64-66)
Circonférence des épaules sans veste en cm 88-92 96-100 104-108 112-116 120-124 128-132
Maximum en cm pour la circonférence des épaules avec veste 115 123 131 139 147 155
Maximum en cm pour la circonférence de la taille avec veste 107 115 123 131 139 147

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