Vinxxgrip®: more than just passenger handles

More than just passenger handles Vinxxgrips radically changes deeply driving comfort and safety with a passenger!

Vinxxgrip®, une innovation moto !

Current systems approved for the passenger consist of either a thin strap on the passenger seat or handles on the sides or rear of the passenger seat. As required by law, the machines must be equipped with at least one of these two systems.
The location and the ergonomics of the original passenger handles mostly don’t allow a natural and safe position on the bike and quickly involve tiredness, followed by aches. The alternative, to hold the driver or the tank, which can be embarrassing for the driver, especially if the trips are getting longer … This is especially true with sports bikes!

Vinxxgrips provide a real solution and allow the passenger to be safe and steadily positioned on the bike. In addition , they avoid falls during sudden acceleration or deceleration.

Well positioned, the passenger moves less on the bike, chich is safer for the driver and machine. With a natural position, he instinctively follows the movements of the motorcycle and enjoys also the ride!


Vinxxgrip® en vidéo

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