Endurance: successful race for Folch Yamalube Team in Barcelona

Antonio Alarcos is not at its first 24 hours experience! He had already tasted the top step of the podium in Barcelona circuit in 2012 in EWC category, before joining the Team 18 French Firemen team in 2014. In 2015, his main goal is the CEV, Spanish Speed ​​Championship, however, sharing the handlebar of this brand new YZF R1 with Arturo Tizun and Pedro Vallcaneras in Folch Endurance team, an historic endurance team, is a great opportunity!

Starting in 2nd position, the tought task was to approach the official Honda TT Legends #11 and to struggle with the Suzuki Team R2CL. A technical incident at night offered them the head of the race, which they didn’t leave until the end of the race. However, the task was not as easy as it is to write it: Honda returned the bit firmly between their teeth, ready to not give up the chance to reach the goal of winning this 24 hours race, just before leaving for Suzuka 8 hours. Consequence: the lap times remainded pretty quick, far from ‘endurance’ stabilization, as proves this snapshot below of the last relay of Antonio, still far from the checkered flag.


Of course this seems to be a easy on the paper, but anyone interested in and following endurance for years knows that nothing is ever written. The perfect mix: from men, machines, technical preparation of course, as well as physical and mental training, to logistics and food that provide comfort and enthousiasm throughout a racing week, nothing, really nothing must be left to chance. This perfect mix, Folch Endurance Team got it in this 24 hours race. No need to say that Antonio left relaxed and confident Barcelona to focus now on next CEV race in Aragon in two weeks!


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Text: Isabelle Maillet
Photo: Israel Necado Luque (on track) & Antonio Alarcos (box)

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