Eicma Milano 2018: very good edition for the brands distributed by Nova Moto

In addition to be a key appointment for Nova Moto, booked and circled in red in the dairy every year, this Milano Motorbike Show sounds like a new step ahead. For two brands distributed by Nova Moto since more than 5 years, it was the occasion for them to become even stronger: Motoairbag and Sixs.


First Motoairbag, airbag jacket, who communicates for this EICMA 2017 his 3-star grade in the French SRA ranking, in addition to his European certification EN1621/4 since 2013. This would finally provide the French market to open it up on this Italian product offering extraordinary product qualities. In addition to its comfort, its practicity and its aesthetic, Motoairbag is the only airbag jacket which includes to 2 airbags from 23 liters all in all on the front and back, with a simultaneous release velocity of 0.08 seconds. All the relative details about this subject are available in the press release already published, and all the technical characteristics are obviously available in the descriptive article about the Motoairbag concept.
Motoairbag took this opportunity too, to launch his new version of Motoairbag Race, which can be build into every suits and solve a real dilemma. It is not necessary anymore to remove the bump from your racing suit to include Motoairbag. You can replace it with Motoairbag and be protected with a total discretion! Same racing look, same aerodynamic functionality and a Motoairbag which follows you on the track as on the road, perfectly integrated so you will absolutely forget that you are wearing one! Just remember to fix it and to remove it, because it is still cabled, completely secure and easily reactivable, after a technical control if necessary.
We will speak about it soon, once it will be available, but here are already the first pictures with Mr Fabio Colombo, DPI executive, Motoairbags manufacturer in Milano.


The technical underwear brand made with carbon fiber SIXS has not been left behind. This thermoregulatory product, very useful on motorbike and all other sports, is nowadays well established in Italy and grows in France too. It has benefit a perfect visibility on the MotoGP tracks this year thanks to Danilo Petrucci who is the brand ambassador since 3 seasons now, and who proved his talent this season finishing 4 times on the podium.
We cannot forget to mention, closer to us, Nova Moto’s partners who have approved since the beginning the SIXS underwear, like the Team Les Marluches, Lydia Truglio Beaumont, or Antonio Alarcos. A big thanks to them for their trust in Nova Moto’s choices!

Innovation hunting
To come back to EICMA 2017, the general bike news won’t be detailed here, simply because it isn’t Nova Moto’s subject. I will only enjoy to share with you my favorites! Otherwise the task is still the same, to identify concepts which:
1. Are original
2. The answer to one of the problematics Nova Moto focussed on: security / comfort / esthetics
3. With a serious check of the concept and supplier. The main goal isn’t just to test, but to validate and to distribute these concepts with a complete consumers and commercial security.
And there are not numerous if we detail Nova Moto’s offer in products and the market of innovations in general. And don’t speak about project’s durability. Nova Moto gained some experience
here too.

I’m happy to share with you my meeting with a supplier of a very interesting innovation today, actually an incredible concept I didn’t validate this summer after a 3-month test and some 2,500 km. As the german saying goes, “in life, we always meet twice”, so convinced by the concepts significance and move by its creator’s involvement, I will try it again. The accessory is installed and even if winter is on our doorstep in Alsace, at every day of good weather I will ride as much as possible and reset the test of the new 2nd version.
For the rest, we will speak about it soon.

I cannot resist to take you with me to appreciate the EICMA magic, with beautiful machines and girls almost as beautiful.


Here a focus on the machine which draw my complete attention, the Yamaha Niken! Well, it is just after the Ultra Limited Harley Davidson on which I sticked for a -very- long time. The Niken literally stunned me with its slight similarity with one of my earlier motorbikes (Fazer 1000 from 2002, my “Magic carpet”!) and its massive, robust, and kind of unreal look. Well, all that is subjective, like the relationship we all have with our own motorbikes, isn’t it? Rather have a look by yourself!


And finally, EICMA took time the same week-end as the last MotoGP race in Valencia, so treat yourself with Marquez arrival as a world champion in live transmission from the Honda booth / stand. Promise I will concoct you a little video editing soon! Enjoy Italian commentators of the race, and the four fifth of the race with Johann Zarco leading it!


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Text: Isabelle Maillet
Pics: Isabelle Maillet
Translation F/EN: Audrey Maillet

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